State Software Redesign Login Links

Redesign Public Demo Instance Login

Login information is the same for both public instances:

    • USERNAME: admin
    • PASSWORD: demo

Please read below before beginning a session.

The Redesign’s Production Release is available for the public. The demo instances contain anonymized training data allowing you to experiment with the Redesign software! Just a reminder, these are shared public instances so you should not enter any sensitive data that you would not want others to see.

These databases will be periodically reset. In SSDT’s Redesign Support Resources (see Redesign page), the USAS Appendix includes ‘processing guides’ on how to create accounts, vendors, transactions, etc. The USPS Appendix includes steps on how to add a new employee and process a payroll, etc. You are more than welcome to use these processing guides to assist in experimenting with the demo instances.