HCC partners with a sister ITC to offer Penelope Case Management software to serve our clients.

Penelope case management software Simple, Smart, and Connected! Why?

Penelope is web-based

  • centralized real-time data access that only requires a browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox
  • platform-independent – Mac, Windows, Linux or Chrome
  • nothing to install – all you need is a browserunites
  • unites remote locations and mobile workers
  • can be purchased as a software as a service (SaaS) or self-hosted

Penelope is a true case management application

  • a true multimedia representation of “client-linked groups” and the specific services in which they are participating, surveys completed, notes, memory joggers, documents, forms and account history all in one place
  • naturally represents multiple services provided to a single client or family

Penelope is a total solution

  • Penelope client management software is a proven solution whose design has been informed by the wisdom, practical requirements and experience of practitioners, administrative support staff, managers, supervisors and finance officers around the world
  • its deployment is guided by an expert, knowledgeable and friendly team of nonprofit specialists who know your business
  • it is enhanced and enriched by outstanding live client support and online learning resources