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Redesign Newsletters

Monthly newsletter on the Redesign emailed out to ITCs and School Treasurers throughout the state.  

Fridays with Fiscal Recorded Webinars

Includes a list of recorded weekly webinars (in MP4 format) we have had with ITC Fiscal Support Staff the past couple of months.

Conversion.. no.    Migration.. yes!

It seems the word ‘conversion’ has been used frequently when discussing how districts are going to transition to the redesigned software.  There is no conversion of your data that must be done ahead of time.. you don’t have to convert account codes, etc. in order to use the redesigned software. We prefer to call the redesign a migration or  ‘upgrade’ of the existing software. We are importing 100% of your existing data from Classic into a ‘redesigned’ version of State Software. Our goal is for you to have a seamless transition moving from Classic to the redesign software in a very short time frame. Is there any clean-up that needs to be involved? Not really. For example, in USAS, we advise leaving old accounts and vendors on the database for historical purposes. If you have old accounts or vendors you no longer use, before migration, change them to an ‘inactive’ status. Classic has the ACCLOAD and VENLOAD programs that will allow you to mass inactivate old accounts and vendors.