HCC is a Designated Data Acquisition Site (DDAS) for reporting information to the State of Ohio as required by EMIS. Assistance, training and transmission of student, staff and financial data to the state are the primary areas of service for EMIS.

Additionally, proficiency information is imported, state reports are copied to each individual school district, and on-line manuals are made available. At HCCA, EMIS Services includes:

  • Assistance to districts with reporting staff, student, district, building, and financial data collected through the Education Management Information System (EMIS).
  • Assistance with disseminating information to the appropriate persons, and ensurance that EMIS data is collected and reported in accordance with the ODE EMIS Manual on behalf of the  reporting entity.
  • EMIS Coordinator training sessions (i.e. Excel workshops using EMIS data)
  • Open Lab training sessions.
  • EMIS Coordinator Contracted Services upon request.